HomemanshetLuqman Khalil: The purpose of the curfew is to protect the lives of civilians

Luqman Khalil: The purpose of the curfew is to protect the lives of civilians

The leader of the Syrian Democratic Forces, Luqman Khalil, said that the Syrian Democratic Forces have imposed a curfew in al-Mashlab district to protect the new civilians returning to their neighborhood. In addition to preventing random roaming between al-Mashlab neighborhood and neighboring neighborhoods,which have not yet been returned because of the density of mines in the area and have not yet been secured by demining teams.

We are a leader at the Syrian Democratic Forces allowed the residents of AL- Mashlab district to return to their homes after making sure of the safety of the place and cleaning it up from mines, and we have no intention of preventing civilians from entering the city after the demining teams have completed their task remove mine and the rubble and open the entire streets.

Accordingly, the ISF officially took over its duties in the city, where it erected roadblocks at the entrances and exits of the city to maintain the security of civilians and fear of infiltration by elements of Dahesh organization in civilian clothes. A small number of Syrian Democratic Forces stayed inside the city as an adjunct to the ISF in policing the city.



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