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Overview of the village of Skiero

Sakiru village is located in the northern countryside of Raqqa city. It is located 15 km in the north-east of Ain Issa city. It is administratively located in the city of Tel-Abyad. It is strategically located on the Aleppo-Hasaka International Highway. It is surrounded by several villages (Qadiriyah 400 People, Demishliya 300 People,AL-Fshij 250 people .)

Balik River divides the village into two parts, east and west, which link a bridge that was destroyed in the war that has passed through the area, which contributed to increasing the suffering of the people in the transition between the two sides of the village and today they travel to spend their needs on the other side.

Its population of about 1000 inhabitants is comprised of Arab tribes (the Al-Bou Assaf clan, the largest percentage in the village, the Bakara clan, the Al-Jisat clan and others))

Its inhabitants live in agriculture and animal husbandry, where the village is located on the lands of agriculture next to Belikh River, which runs from the north to the south. It also has fertile soil suitable for all types of crops in the Syrian North, mainly cotton, wheat, barley, Summer and winter vegetables)

The village has about 12 thousand dunums of irrigated villages before the Syrian events, through the irrigation channel (Al-Belik channel), which penetrates the Syrian north of the Euphrates River through several pumps, the most important of which is the pump of Tel-Samman and Al-Hishah, but now because of the battles in the area is suspended from work because of the lack of electricity and Pumps as a result of vandalism and mines planted by Dahesh.

Therefore, the villagers sought to irrigate their land with personal efforts by installing diesel engines on Balik River, where the cultivated areas decreased by half due to the high cost of irrigation and the agricultural requirements of medicines, fertilizers and labor migration.

As for the education in the past, there were primary and preparatory schools, but now it is only elementary. It includes about 200 students. The school loses a lot of services such as benches, panels and windows. Education is stalled for years.



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