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Schools of Khatounia village: collective efforts for success of the educational process

The residents of Khatounia village made collective voluntary efforts to open schools in the village and with the support of the Education Committee in the Civil Council. The school was opened on 1/8/2017. It was one of the first schools to open its doors to students in rural Raqqa.

The registration of students began since the opening of the school after cleaning and arranging the contents by parents and teachers and received this school on the first day of the study more than 450 students.

On 10/8/2017, two schools were opened in the village: the school of Hudhayfah ibn al-Yaman and Qutaiba ibn Muslim al-Bahli to ease the overcrowding at Abd al-Salam al-‘Ujaili school.

The number of students in the schools of Katunya exceeded 1000, 580 of them in the first grade.

The director of the school Abdul Salam al-Ajili that this number is increasing because of the popular demand to educate their children, and delegations of new refugees to the village.

The schools suffer from some difficulties and problems that affect the progress of the educational process in the village, the most important of which is the problem of heating with increasing coldness in this chapter. Some of the blackboards need restoration. There is a shortage of textbooks, water tanks and toilets..

Despite all these difficulties, Abdul Salam Al-Ajili School received a thank-you note from the head of the Education Committee of the Civil Council of the city of Abdul Fattah Al-Aker for the efforts made by the school administration to make the educational process in the village successful.



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