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Tabqa: Fayez Mansour school is preparing to receive its students

Elementary Fayez Mansour in Tabqa city is one of the schools that the terrorists converted into a warehouse of weapons and destruction of their contents, and now will return to receive students after processing by Tabqa Civil Council  in cooperation with the Education Committee.

Ghanem Al-Faraj, head of the education committee in Tabqa city,     confirmed that the school has been working for two months. We expect the end of the work to be completed at the end of the month. The school consists of 33 classrooms, which can accommodate 1500 students and may become faculties ,the school will be equipped with new seats, plastic sheets and new furniture.

We have already equipped the schools of Al-Jahiz, Al-Snubri and AL- Kaindi, and after the processing of Fayez Mansour School, we will equip the Qadisiyah school

Al-Faraj noted that the goal is to ease the pressure on schools in the city, which accommodate a large number of students. The Education Committee considers this year as an ambulance, in which the largest possible number of schools are rehabilitated and rehabilitated.



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