HomemanshetThe camp school brings back a smile for the children

The camp school brings back a smile for the children

After the opening of the first school in Ain Issa camp, by the Syrian Democratic Council and in cooperation with the Civil Council and the distribution of bags to the students, the school began this month.

Muhannad al-Awad, director of the camp school, said that five days ago, with the help of God, the first school was opened in Ein Issa. After the opening, we saw a large increase in the number of students and parents to send their children to school.

The number of students ranges between 400 and 500 students and the number can be increased and the school is composed of four large tent each tent can accommodate between 40 and 50 students.

We divided the students into two morning and evening group members. The teaching staff consisted of 8 teachers 4 in the morning group and 4 in the evening regiment as well as the directors.

And all the teachers from the camp and who are doing voluntary work to restore the smile and joy on the faces of our children.

In the end, we, as a management, thank all who contributed to the opening of the camp school because in the end our children are the starting point of life and its future.

Nisreen Abdel Aziz, a teacher of Arabic language, said: “We teach pupils to eradicate illiteracy because there are large ages who do not know how to read and write. We teach them to read, write and write again.

Buraq 13-year-old student of the province of Raqqa confirmed that she had been living in the camp for seven months. She did not receive the study five years ago. She is now in the camp school and hopes to learn and become a doctor in the future. I thank the camp administration for opening our school.

Fadi al-Qasim al-Mustafa, a 10-year-old student from Raqqa city, confirmed that he did not receive any classes during the school days and would like to pursue his education in order to become a teacher in the future.



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