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The educational complex in Ain Issa distributes winter equipment to schools

During a visit to the educational complex in Ain Issa we met with the joint presidency of the educational complex and talked about their work and what was prepared and prepared for the academic year and the reality education.

Hanan Gharib Al-Zaher, the joint head of the Educational Complex, confirmed that 125 schools were activated and rehabilitated according to the available facilities provided by the self-administration, in addition to the graduation of 460 teachers in the summer course. A supplementary course for the rehabilitation of 65 male and female teachers was opened.

Al-Zaher confirmed that the heaters and fuel were distributed to the schools for the winter. The repair of the windows, doors and seats is currently under way, and 643 seats have been distributed.

At Khalid Bin Al Waleed Elementary School, which  receives 165 students, the educational complex started repairing windows and doors and providing heaters..

Ghalia Abboud, the joint principal of the school, said that there is a desire for parents to send their children after they have a genuine interest in self-management and that there is cooperation between the parents and the educational staff, which gave parents the confidence that their children are in safe hands.

The students appealed to international organizations based on the issue of aid to consider them with interest and attention and to overcome the difficulties in the progress of scientific progress and appealed to the staff of humanitarian organizations to help restore and equip the remaining schools to include all the students who began to return to their schools after the sense of safety and security Provided by the Syrian Democratic Forces to them and their children.



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