Homemanshetopening of mobile medical point in Ain Issa camp

opening of mobile medical point in Ain Issa camp

In addition to the support provided by Al Mawada  Medical Association, the opening of a medical point in the annex to Ain Issa camp to eliminate pressure on the medical point inside the camp and to provide the greatest assistance to the people of the camp in terms of treatment and medical consultations and provide free medicine.

Al Mawada Association opened a itinerant medical point in the camp’s annex in cooperation with Raqqa Civil Council and the camp administration, with the support of the World Health Organization.

Muhannad Ahmad Al-Raqaq, supervisor of the medical point, we are a medical team providing medical services in terms of treatment, medical consultations and medicine for expatriates who need treatment before entering the camp and pregnant women, working as a itinerant point and staff consisting of two doctors, nurses,.

Al-Raqaq noted that if there is no heart or other drugs, and to make sure that the diagnosis is good, we transfer the patient to the fixed medical point inside the camp and that the association provides its medical services free of charge.



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