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A cultural and health seminar for the displaced in Ein Issa camp

Ain Issa – In cooperation with the Ein Issa camp administration and the Women’s Council, Bill Humane organized a cultural and health awareness seminar for the displaced in order to raise awareness and educate them about social and health issues.

Hassan Al-Shu’aib, lecturer of the cultural symposium, said that the subject of the lecture on citizenship is to educate citizens and educate them about the meaning of citizenship and resettlement, and what are their rights and duties.

The beginning of the lecture Shuaib took the views of a number of citizens about the meaning of citizenship, the number of definitions of whom he knew to participate, and some of them knew the affiliation and some of them knew on the basis of ethnic and sectarian and other definitions.

 Shuaib stressed that there is marginalization by citizens and a misperception of the meaning of citizenship, as some believe that citizenship is the bondage of others and control them, but citizenship is the quality granted to the citizen, which is determined by several things, including rights and duties, everyone has the values ​​and skills that help solve Community issues and community promotion for the better are national.

The citizen has the freedom to act according to the law, and he is entitled to protection and participation in political and cultural meetings and other decisions and the election of the person he finds suitable. Citizenship is the citizen’s belonging to his country stemming from his love for him and his service at all times and times and how to share common among citizens.

As for Ibtisam Al-Saleh, the women’s health symposium, we said that we are giving women a glimpse of the birth and how to deal with the fetus during pregnancy, what things should be done during pregnancy, what should be done in cases of gynecological diseases, Respond to them, and how to deal with their children and raise them sound education during childbirth

 Al-Saleh stressed that the objective of this symposium is to raise the level of health awareness among women and children and to reduce the spread of diseases, especially that in this chapter frequent diseases spread and spread, especially cold.


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