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Brief on Tal Othman Village

Tal Othman village is located in the Syrian island, in the western village of Raqqa near the village of Al-Jarniya. The population of the village is 3000 people, most of them from Al-Bou Assaf tribe working in agriculture and sheep farming.

The village is located next to a small dirt hill that mediates a fertile plain on the left side of the Great Euphrates. It is named after the first man who began to invest its land. It is said to be Othman al-Obeid. The reconstruction of the village is a modern one dating back to the fifth decade of the twentieth century.

Their houses are made of clay and calcareous stones in the form of rooms with columns of poplar, wood and mud. The inhabitants cultivate wheat and barley with 1800 hectares. Cotton and vegetables from the Euphrates River (18 hectares) with self-help from the villagers as well as sheep farming.

The village is a commercial and health center for the neighboring villages. The village has a health center, a cultural center, an automatic shelter and a drinking water pumping station.

The village has four schools, Most of them is Umm Al Aswad. The number of students is 250, and most of its teachers are from the village, where the village occupies the first place in terms of the number of young people who hold academic degrees and university degrees in different specialties compared to neighboring villages.



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