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Extensive public meeting with Elham Ahmed in Tabqa city

A joint meeting with Ilham Ahmed, the joint chair of Syrian Democratic Council, was held today in the meeting room of the Civil Council of Tabqa to discuss the political reality.

 The meeting was attended by members of the Civil and Legislative Council, tribal sheikhs and a large number of members of Tabqa city.

The meeting began with a silence minute for the souls of the Shahid, and then reviewed the inspiration of the political reality in detail. The first expressed wishes and hopes of the Syrian people that the year 2018 will be a year of peace in Syria.

She said that all the conferences held either in Astana or Geneva, or which will not be held in reference to the Sochi meeting, did not and will not come to a solution to the Syrians because these talks are confined to parties who think that each represents the Syrian people alone. The opposition, living in the arms of Turkey, It represents the Syrian people, and the regime every day kills dozens of civilians under the pretext of fighting terrorism and considers any other forces terrorist and must be fought.


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