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Muawiya school in a time of Daesh from AL-Haysba center to a prison for violators

The schools in Raqqa city were not handed over to the terrorist organizations. The education system was banned because the curricula taught to the students were infidel. The schools in Raqqa were turned into centers that served their interests.

 Where Daesh transformed Ibn Khaldun school to the center of the real estate office and the school of Muawiya bin Abi Sufyan to a center for what he calls the Hesba

The center of al-Hesbah in Muawiya is a source of horror for civilians in Raqqa, where the terrorist organization imprisoned men and women on various charges such as delaying prayer, stealing, adultery, lengthening the urethra, etc. The prisoner held a dirty and bad accountant Brutal and barbaric in torture.

They recently transferred the prison from Muawiya school to Rumaila neighborhood and made it a prison for the crime of possessing a shower. The mercenaries confiscated all Satellites receivers, and prevented the civilians from watching television to blindly inform the residents of the areas they control. and every person who has a Satellite receiver is imprisoned for a month and fined $ 50.

They also made it a vehicle to confiscate cars that had cigarettes, as they held the traffickers in charge of cigarette, confiscated their property and placed it in this school, in addition to imprisoning the trafficker for 5 months with a cigarette offense.



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