HomemanshetOpen streets and remove checkpoints are continuing in Raqqa

Open streets and remove checkpoints are continuing in Raqqa

After the transfer of the mechanisms of the Reconstruction Committee in Raqqa Civil Council to Al-Maamoun, Brazzy and Al-Mukhtalata neighborhoods, work was started directly under a plan drawn up by the Reconstruction Committee.
Remove of debris and mound checkpoints, in addition to clean the streets in Al-Maamoun, Brazzy, Al-Jezra, Al-Mukhtalata and Sef Al-Dawla are being carried out quickly and work is being carried out collectively by the people living in these neighborhoods.
The supervisor of the committee, Mohammed Sinjar, that they were faced obstacles, including the large mound checkpoints in the neighborhoods because they witnessed violent battles in that period, and the debris in the streets.
Sinjar pointed out that after the completion of the neighborhoods mentioned, the vehicles will go to Rumaila – north of the railway.
It is worth mentioning that the cleaning operations are moving unexpectedly fast, due to the participation of the people in this cleaning operations.



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