HomedialogueOpening of the first session of the duty of self-defense in Manbej city

Opening of the first session of the duty of self-defense in Manbej city

Shahid Omar Nabo Academy opened in Manbej on Friday 22-12-2017, the first session of the self-defense duty in the name of Shahid Hussein Mohamed, where the fighters will receive military training and lectures.

The opening ceremony was attended by the General Command of the Self-Defense Forces and the members of the self-governing body in Manbej city and its suburbs as well as the people of the fighters.

The opening ceremony began with a silence minute for the souls of the martyrs. After the military parade, the fighters in the first round marched to protect the city and its countryside from any aggression. .

During the ceremony, the joint chairman of the Defense, Protection and Self-Defense Committee in Manbij city Qasim Ramo gave a speech in which he praised the fighters and the families of the opening of the session. “This is the first session in the history of Manbij”.

At the end of his speech, Remo stressed the need for brotherhood and coexistence among all components in northern Syria.

The ceremony ended with the Dabkeh workshops on the impact of revolutionary and popular songs in the academy’s military arena.



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