HomemanshetRaqqa Civil Council : who left Raqqa and escape from it he is the traitor and no one else

Raqqa Civil Council : who left Raqqa and escape from it he is the traitor and no one else

Over the past seven years, we have been hearing from Syrian regime the hollow, shaded permits, trying to evade their responsibilities towards the Syrian people, who have been uprooted and displaced from all over the world. Throughout this period, the regime did not come out of the spiral of global war on Syria, In the north and north-east he read the situation correctly and succeeded in liberating himself from the regime first and established his democratic administration, and then fought and defeated the terrorism of Daheshi and thus won the confidence of the whole world.

But the history of 18/12/2017 will not be forgotten by the Syrian people when the regime’s head came out on the media and described the liberation from its regime and from Daesh traitorous, but he forgot to know the treason and its terms and specifications of the traitor that do not apply to anyone else, and preceded the Syrian people to describe them when he went out to the squares He who slaughters his people is a traitor.

We in Raqqa Civil Council condemn this miserable phrase and we say from the left Raqqa on 3/3/2013 and fled from it is the traitor and no one else.

We will remain steadfast in defending our land, our dignity and our freedom until we achieve the aspirations of our people for freedom. We will work to become Syria as a single democratic state, land and people. We will not back away from our gains made by the sacrifices of our righteous martyrs.

Syria lived a democracy

Shame and disgrace to the traitors and those who brought Syria into the cycle of violence and came to terrorists from all parts of the earth

Raqqa civil council


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