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Reconstruction Committee Meets with Demining Organisations

Reconstruction committee in Raqqa civil coucil (RCC) is following up its work through preparing the equipment to remove the mines from Raqqa’s nieghborhoud. The committee held a meeting with demining organisations to discuss the situations in the cleaned nieghborhoud of mines and the nieghborhoud in which demining operations are taking place.

The officials in demining organisation confirmed that in the recent period they could demine alot of the mines in Abu Zar Al-gafari and its vecinity. Also they cleaned landmines planted at both sides of school road, where 13 mines were demined. The deminers appealed to the civilians not to appoach the area due to the danger and plenty of mines.

Next week a demining team from Manbej city will finish their work there and join the work team in Raqqa. The committee has assigned new areas to the demining teams where mines are expected to be dismantles.

The meeting agreed to raise a request for the joint presidency of RCC to inform the internal security forces to secure and clean Al-Romani bridge and the cilos and to rehabilitate the bridge to link between the two sides of the river.

Also the participants stressed that they will do their utmost to carry out the task removing the mines in the whole city. Also they confirmed that the pace of the work will be slow, and appealed to the citizens not to rush back until the mines are cleaned. One of the participants added that dismantling the mines in the city will help the civilians to come back and will make the wheel of economy in the city revolve again.

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