HomemanshetThe parties participating in the federation respond to Bashar Assad

The parties participating in the federation respond to Bashar Assad

In response to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s recent statements in which Syrian Democratic Forces are accused of treason, the political parties and forces participating in the democratic federation of northern Syria issued a statement today,

“2017 ended with victories achieved by the Syrian democratic forces with the international coalition forces against the terrorist groups, they were defeated in their alleged capital and their remnants are still being pursued in the governorate of Deir al-Zour. The political components and entities in the democratic federal areas of northern Syria also achieved many factors Enabling security, stability and necessary services, safeguarding public enterprises and institutions and maintaining the values ​​of coexistence between components.

It has also achieved an important political achievement in the formation of local civic councils through democratic elections in which representatives of political entities and social components of Kurd, Arab, Syriani, Armenian, Turkmen and Jagan, Christian ,Yazidis, and Muslims.

  The political forces have succeeded in keeping the region out of the devastating war and the cities of the autonomous regions have become safe haven for thousands of displaced people and refugees from Syrian and Iraqi cities that have witnessed fighting.

At the same time that these victories brought some hope to the Syrians towards the end of the Syrian crisis and the search for peaceful solutions to it, the President of the Syrian regime Bashar al-Assad and his aides made a statement aimed at SDF, which serves only deepen the crisis in Syria and take the country into a new devastating war, And is in the interest of agendas of international and regional powers that want to prolong the crisis and the division of Syria and the continued bleeding of Syrian blood.

We, the political parties and forces participating in the democratic federalism of northern Syria, see these statements not only as a target for Syria’s democratic forces, but rather in the unity of Syria and all the political forces and components that adopted the democratic political solution project in northern Syria.

 We affirm that the sacrifices made by the Syrian people oblige all parties to act responsibly and avoid falling into the trap of the oppressive regional powers that want to destroy Syria, and we also affirm that the first and only option is the democratic political solution. “

and mentioned at the end of the statement the names of political parties and forces that signed this statement:

Democratic Society Movement

National Kurdish Alliance in Syria

Democrats and Kurds gathered in Syria

Syriani Union Party

Arab National Authority

Syrian Kurdish Democratic Party

Party of brotherhood Kurdistan


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