Homedialoguephotography profession goes back to Shaddadi

photography profession goes back to Shaddadi

For more than two years, Shaddadi city has suffered injustice and marginalization by Daesh who drew the city with a cloak of black treachery from maximum to maximum.

Perhaps the most marginalized was the profession of photography, where photographers lived the most difficult circumstances and the lowest where cameras were broken and burned studios and prison and hit the owners of these lenses.

Ahmed Farih, a resident of al-Shaddadi, said that terrorism portrayed us as “an eye of hell that devours everyone who looks at it.”

I have not been convinced of this nonsense and I have kept myself away from the” ignorant people” who fantasize that lies can last long on earth, and this is what has been shown to us on the ground where I began to practice again and everything for me is a bitter memory I do not want to remember.

“Of course, all the credit goes back to the heroes of the Syrian Democratic Forces, who gave us hope that we lived for two years in which we conducted our work secretly away from the hateful eye of terrorism.

He concludes that these ignorant people are like a bare tree that does not flourish and does not bear fruit. It has become infected with people in the middle of the roads, which are opposed to smells and prevent the path of the Ghadi, so people do not shade their shadows and they are not evil ones who want to change the course of life to make a new path that serves their desires and inhuman purposes.


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