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wishes of Tabqa people in the new year

As New Year’s Eve approaches, Tabqa city is crowded with markets and main streets, smiles with aspirations and hopes for the new year 2018.

Especially that this scene is the first of its kind, especially after the liberation of the city, which Daesh deprived any manifestation of joy but wore a black dress, which shows his hatred and his solidarity to society in general.

Writer Mohammed Abdullah from Tabqa people talked to us about the tragedies and attitudes that took place in 2017 in his beloved Tabqa city expressing his grief and regret over the killings, displacement and displacement.

Wishing the return of loved ones, family and friends to complete the joy and return smile to shine on the faces of everyone again.

His writings indicate that he recently finished writing a short story entitled “The diviner told me” which will be published by the end of the new year without mentioning its contents and content.

Calling on the people of the region to stand united in the face of the challenges facing the region, wishing security and security solutions to the whole of Syria and the return of every displaced person who came out of his country to escape death and destruction.

During our tour in Tabqa we met with Hassan Hamoud from Tabqa. He also spoke to us about the past year and the wounds suffered by the Syrian people. He wished the new year with security and safety and the return of the displaced to their homes liberated by the Syrian forces.

Sami Kamal Ismail, a worker in the Traffic Police Department, said that the Syrian people are strong and steadfast in the face of all the challenges and plots that have been planned for them.

Calling on the Syrian people to be cohesive and cooperative in building a modern, decentralized federal Syria.



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