HomemanshetA Call for the Turkish Army Elements and its Allies

A Call for the Turkish Army Elements and its Allies

Those who do not want their hands to be stained with blood, they are  safe

O soldiers who are forced and driven into this war that is not your war

Syrians who have been forced because of the circumstances in the displacement camps to be fuel for wars in which you have no strings attached.

Syria Democratic Forces, which were made up of all Syrian components,  and as you have seen in all its struggle stations, have been the deadly arrow of terror and safe shield for the Syrian people.

 SDF has restored hope for the reunification of Syria after the war- It is a guarantee of the safe and secure future of the Syrians, without distinction between them.

O Syrians and Turkish army

The General Command of the Syria Democratic Forces confirms to you that they are not hostile to anyone, but defend themselves within Syria, and do not pose a threat to anyone, but on the contrary, our forces fight against the dangers which facing the people, the country and the neighborhood. Our forces know that you are forces to this war.

Therefore, our forces invite you to surrender to the nearest point of our forces in the lines of contact you see in the battlefields so that the Turkish intelligent agents who stand behind you do not see you to avoid spinning from behind, and give up to our forces to avoid dangers and do not be war fuel.

  The Syrian democratic forces give you safety, so take advantage of this opportunity and surrender yourselves to our forces, before you reach a stage where you regret and regret is in vain.

The General Command of the Syria Democratic Forces


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