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Abd Allah is the living Shahid  according to what his  neighbors call him

Daesh And what has been caused by the tragedies of the days of control over the city of Raqqa is almost forgotten, what the organization of the arrests of the citizens of the people of Raqqa different arguments was the most prominent feature of this terrorist organization.

Hussein al-Abdullah, 44, a resident of the city of Raqqa, lives in the neighborhood of February 23, tells us his story with the organization that tried to kill him with oil.

Hussein said: After the siege of SDF intensified the neighborhoods of the city of  Raqqa tight, and he urged us to tighten more and more. He started with arrests of those who walk the streets on various charges, and while I tried to help my brother, who received a shot from sniper. The organization and what the security officials call me, On my charge of dealing with the Syrian Democratic Forces.

“We were 20 people inside the prison. After my death sentence came to me with oil – a large quantity filled with boiling oil – the organization was designed by those who called them apostates to intimidate those who tried to break it,” Hussein recalls, recalling the moments before the execution. I have come but the will of God above all

After four people were executed before me, they told me that in the morning I would be killed after 15 days. At 3:00 am, a house was bombed near the prison where I was on Wadi Street. The members of the organization were appalled and the building almost fell over us. The doors were broken by the raid. We all fled from inside the prison and went to the house of one of my relatives.

Hussein the martyr alive as the people of his family called after the raid that targeted the place everyone thought he had died. And fearing him from pursuing the organization to him, his relatives reported that Hussein had died with oil and spread the news of his death and after the liberation of the city of Raqqa return live martyr to his home destroyed by the battles to stand again and tell stories about the preacher to expose the brutal practices carried out by.




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