HomemanshetAfrin resistance is ongoing

Afrin resistance is ongoing

The Turkish army with its allies such as Al-nusra Front and Turkistani party still trying in vain to penetrate into the
defense line of our forces in Afrin without achieving any results.
During afternoon hours of today (25-Jan-2018) the Turkish army tried to advance and penetrate into the defense
lines in Belbeleh township. Our forces confronted them and accordingly heavy clashes broke out and the clashes are
continuing until writing this report.
Also the Turkish invasion army targeted Rajo city and its villages with artillery and airstrikes. Our forces also engaged
with the attackers in Shangeleh village and the clashes are ongoing till writing this report.
Similarly, the Turkish army tried to advance in Hamam village of Jenderes axis, our forces repelled the attacks. The
village is shelled by the artillery.


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