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Bir al-Hashim pump: the heart of the northern countryside of Raqqa

After the massive destruction of the infrastructure of Raqqa city whether as a result of combat operations or the looting and pillaging of the terrorist organization, which extended all vital and important facilities in the city and the mines that he planted before fleeing the areas that were liberated later.

One of these important facilities was the hand of criminality, which pumped the irrigation water pump of Bir al-Hashim (Adnanieh pump), which was severely damaged by the mines of the Daesh organization. The most important part was the control panels, in addition to the theft of many generators and all the electrical wires and cables that connected the current Electricity from power plants to main cables that feed villages and other pumps.

The Bir al-Hashim pump is a main pumping station which is raised from the main canal that reaches AL-Asad Lake. It raises water to irrigate the land of Bir al-Hashim area in the northern countryside of Raqqa, and feeding four pumps, the high lift station, the fifth station, Al Ansar station, Jarwa station, where Bir al-Hashim (main) station with the Jarwa station irrigates about 40 thousand dunums of the cultivated area in the area of Bir al-Hashim. The combined stations irrigate more than 100,000 dunums.

In addition to the existence of an electricity conversion station belonging to the pump operated by the electric station from the equestrian station of the center of Raqqa city and is now fully parked due to the destruction caused by the large quantity of mines located in the station and reduce the electricity from the high tension line to the line of the line North of the city of Raqqa in addition to the city of Tel-Abyad, which works now engineers of the Electricity Committee in Tel-Abeyd in coordination with the Economic Committee in the Civil Council to bring electricity and reverse from Tel-Abeyd city to the main station of Bir al-Hashim.



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