It seems that Turkey is suffering real hysteric situation because it is not gaining military advance in its barbaric attacks on Afrin due to the heroic resistance by our forces and the great people of Afrin. So Turkish state resorting to dirty actions which is incompatible with human values, international norms and war regulations by committing war crimes by direct targeting to the unarmed civilians in Afrin via airstrikes and artillery to scarify them and force them to displacement.

Also Turkish army targets the civilians in the Turkish city of Kilis, adjacent to Afrin through its intelligence apparatus in order to confuse the public opinion that Syria Democratic Forces are bombing the civilians and taking this criminal acts as an excuse to attack Afrin, especially  since the majority of the population in Kilis city mainly are displaced Syrians and the public opinion should be aware of this dirty acts by the Turkish state, knowing that our forces never target the civilians.

Also the Turkish state recruits the Syrian refugees in its camps to be mercenary fighters with its army, and this contradicts all of the international and human norms.

Redur Khalil

Head of SDF relations office


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