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Education committee in Tabqa announces the start of training courses for teachers

After the students of Tabqa  city and the countryside successfully completed their exams, the Education Committee distributed the School certificate and opened training and rehabilitation courses for the teachers

Where the Education Committee on Saturday opened an awareness and intellectual session for teachers in the city of the class and the subsequent rural areas such as (Mansoura, Suwaida, Jarniya.

Ahmed Al-Abo, member of the Joint Presidency of the Education Committee, said that the course was launched Saturday and will last ten days. The teachers and teachers were distributed to three schools in Tabqa : Omar Al-Mukhtar, April 7 and Córdoba, in addition to Jeruniya, Mansoura and the surrounding countryside. In this course 650 teacher in Tabqa.

Where teachers will receive lectures on the democratic nation, federalism, how to deal with students and teaching methods

As well as teaching some teaching methods for students and materials (mathematics, Arabic and English)

Teachers  Khalil Al-Faraj and Hanan Al-Ali also talked about the nature of this course and how they will receive education in order to increase experience and open a wider field for teachers. The main aim of the course is to change the students’ thinking during Daesh rule of the region and overcome difficulties with students after seven years.


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