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Formation of the Trade Committee and the Economic Control Committee in Ain Issa

Raqqa Civil Council in Ain Issa Town formed the Trade Committee and the Economic Control Committee in order to carry out its duties in managing the affairs of citizens in Raqqa, monitoring the markets and granting commercial licenses to traders.

Rashad Al-Ibrahim, the joint head of the Finance and Economic Committee in the Civil Council, confirmed that we have formed several committees, including the Trade Committee and the Economic Customs Committee in Ain Issa, whose mission is to regulate the commercial work and control the violations and prevent infringements within Raqqa and its countryside. To work to form a good image of Raqqa Civil Council and the preservation of public property as the property of the people.

Ahmed Jumaa Al Ali, official of the Trade Committee said that on 1/1/2018 the Committee of Commerce of the Economic Committee and the Finance Committee of  Raqqa Civil Council was formed and our mission is to urge traders to join the Chamber of Commerce to grant them commercial licenses, and we have now placed 19 merchants of the Chamber through the lists to give them a record Commercial to carry out their work under the required conditions and we toured the traders to develop a plan of action and price fixing.

At the beginning of the formation of the Committee, we faced some problems at the checkpoints so that the trader does not have a commercial record ie the meaning of the goods that he carries does not enter without a record, we formed the committee to facilitate their affairs and increase trade in the civil as there is no customs on the materials.

Abdul-Ilah al-Jawhar, a member of the Economic Control Committee, confirmed that the committee was formed by a delegation from the Civil Council in Raqqa. Its mission is to suppress thefts and irregularities in Raqqa and its countryside, especially during the war that broke out in Raqqa and its countryside. We have already announced a request for volunteers to expand the work. Currently, we have carried out a number of tasks, including state property, including agriculture and irrigation problems, and we have collected the catch for the Economic Committee. We also accompany the Chamber of Agriculture and Trade for Procedures for violators.


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