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Life gradually returns to the main garage of Pullmans in Raqqa

 Garages in the cities are the main point of departure for travelers to their different destinations to all cities and villages that are either far or near. In Raqqa City , there were five garages which transport passengers to various destinations, including the Northern Garage next to grain silos and it transports passengers to the villages of the northern countryside of Raqqa City , and the Moozareh Garage through which travelers travel to the western countryside of Raqqa City. There is the garage of the Eastern Region, which is located next to Bab Baghdad through which travelers travel to the eastern countryside of Raqqa to the villages of Deir al-Zour.

The main Pullman Garage in Al-Raqqa, is in the south of the Sa’a Roundabout. It is divided into two sections. The first section transports passengers to all the different Syrian governorates, the eastern, western and southern provinces. The second one transports the passengers to the governorates of Deir Al-Zour and Al-Hasakah. After the ISIS controlled Raqqa City, traffic was decreased in general in Raqqa City because the ISIS imposed laws to prevent people travel beyond the borders of Raqqa City on the pretext that they are outside the borders of their alleged state and travel to the rest of the provinces as travel to the countries of disbelief as they called. The garages especially the Northern Garage, were destroyed by the fighting against the terrorist ISIS.

 Today, the Municipal of the Civil Council is trying to reopen the main garage to receive travelers. Several very small garages have been opened in the countryside of Raqqa and a garage in Tabqa City. The garage area is about five acres, which can accommodate more than 100 large and medium sized cars (Pullman) that carry passengers to all different Syrian governorates.


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