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opening of 37 bakeries in Raqqa city and its countryside, including two tourist bakeries

The Committee of bakeries and Mills of the Civil Council continues to serve the citizens through the opening of new furnaces and mills in all areas that have been recently liberated, and through the control of the quality of bread and its prices, in addition to reducing prices.

Khawla Al-Kattam, the joint chairman of the Bakeries and Mills Committee, confirmed that 37 ranches were opened in the city of Raqqa and its villages, including Fernan Sayahian. They reduced the price of flour from 92,000 to 54,000 tons per ton, which in turn reduced the bread ration from 150 to 100 lira.

Al-Kattam pointed out that the diesel material is offered to the furnaces at subsidized prices. In the coming days, the prices of flour will be reduced again, and the service of the citizens will be reduced.

 Basher Abdi, the joint chairman of the mills committee, confirmed that five mills, Al Fahad and Al-Ata farms in the Salhia area of ​​the Northern Rifqa, Al-Jazira and Al-Ahliya farms in Al-Hamrat area of ​​the eastern Raqqa countryside,

Abdi pointed out that the mills in question fill the need of the kilns of flour and increase the amount of reserve as a reserve, where the distribution of about 150 tons per day on the furnaces of the city of Civil Council Raqqa.

It is worth mentioning that the Committee of Bakeries and Mills distributes about 7,500 free packages to Ain Issa camp.



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