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Residents of Hazmeh town take part in a demonstration to denounce the Turkish occupation

people of Hazima town and neighboring villages organized this afternoon a demonstration to denounce the brutal Turkish aggression on Afrin.

Where hundreds of residents of Hazima town accompanied by members of Civil Council and the Syrian Youth Council and the heads of local councils in a large demonstration called (we are all Fedayeen for you, Afrin) from the main  courtyard  to the mosque of Tawheed, raising banners condemning and denouncing the Turkish aggression on The Syrian city of Afrin.

After the arrival of the demonstration, the audience stopped a minute of silence on the souls of the martyrs and delivered several words, the first of which was expressed by Adel Al-Ali, a member of the Syrian Youth Council, in which he said, “Today we went out to meet the Afrin people, and as they helped us on the day of liberation, we are now announcing the general appeal to help Afrin. Against the Turkish occupation, , And as they helped us on the day of liberation of Raqqa, we now declare the general aversion to help Afrin and her people against the Turkish occupation and the people of Afrin say we will come to you, Afrin and free your land from the abomination of terrorism, which is trying to desecrate.

Anwar Ahmed, a member of the joint presidency of the Youth and Sports Committee, said: “Today we took part in a demonstration against the Turkish occupation, to tell Erdogan that we will defeat you in Afrin and will not set foot on its soil.” And we tell the world that Erdogan  and Daesh are two sides of the same coin. And the world must shoulder its responsibilities in defending the soil of Afrin against the brutal Turkish occupation

At the end of the demonstration, the Youth in the Youth Council of Syria staged a theater performance in which the rebellious young people rebelled against the aggression on their land and their desire to join the ranks of the fighters on the front lines against the Turkish occupier in Afrin.



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