HomemanshetSDF thwart a resurgent attack it is shooting down three robot plain

SDF thwart a resurgent attack it is shooting down three robot plain

In al-Bahra village in Deir al-Zour, terrorists who had attacked the Syrian Democratic Forces’ points received painful blows from the fighters of Asefat AL-Jazeera.

As part of the continued campaign of the storm of the island, which entered its 120 day running continuously in the countryside of Deir Al-Zour and freed from the hands of Daesh .In response to this, the mercenaries are trying by all means to obstruct the campaign and are launching attacks on the points of concentration of the SDF in a desperate attempt to prolong their lives.

Daesh attacked at dawn today to the positions of the Syrian Democratic Forces in the village of Al-Bahra, located 44 kilometers south-east of AL-Mayadin, and 3 kilometers north of the town of Hjin. The fighters of Asefat AL-Jazeera  responded to the attack and clashes erupted and fierce battles in that area.

In their attack, mercenaries used robot plain and heavy weapons, but fighters and fighters of the Syrian Democratic Forces managed to shoot down 3 planes and destroy 3 mortars for mercenaries.

The fighters foiled a mercenary attack this evening, killing 27 mercenaries. The fighters seized the three planes they dropped, a mortar with its shells and five Kalashnikovs.


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