HomemanshetStatement by the dignitaries and sheikhs of the clans of Tabqa region and its countryside

Statement by the dignitaries and sheikhs of the clans of Tabqa region and its countryside

On Thursday, the elders and sheikhs of the clans of Tabqa city and its countryside issued a statement against the brutal fascist attack on Afrin

The statement was issued by Sheikh Fawaz Khalil al-Baik from the tribal reconciliation council. The statement said that the dignitaries and sheikhs of the tribes and tribes of the city of Tabqa and its villages categorically reject the fascist barbaric attack on our people and people in Afrin and Manbij. This attack comes because of the victories achieved by SDF against terrorism, Where Erdogan was sending fighters from the borders of Turkey to enter Syria, and after the end of the bush started this war, which will emerge from the loser, and call on the international community to stand on its responsibilities for the direction of what is happening in the areas of northern Syria

We ask Erdogan whether in Manbaj and Afrin, the Fatahullah Gulan movement that carried out the coup against you, or the Turkish ship that claimed to have aid to the Palestinian people, which was detonated by Israel

We say frankly that Erdogan is trying to export his internal crises through the war on our people and our people. We tell Erdogan that our forces, the Syrian democratic forces and the fighting units in Afrin, will respond to this attack

Our steadfast people lived in the areas of Afrin and Manbaj and the shame of the Ottomans and the fighting factions who sold their people and offered them for Erdogan.


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