HomemanshetThe Center for studies of the science of Women (Ginology) was opened in Manbej

The Center for studies of the science of Women (Ginology) was opened in Manbej

Today, the first center for studies of the Science of Women (Ginology) was opened in Manbej. It is considered as a unique centre in Manbej. It is under the slogan “Women is life and the consolidation of women’s science is our duty” sponsored by the Committee of the Science of women (   Ginology) in Northern Syria

The aim of the opening of this center is to raise awareness and to re-study and re-formulate the existing sociology, which concerns all the affairs of society because it is considered the alternative science of the current positive social science

The opening ceremony was attended by all women in all bodies of Autonomy, the Committee of   the Science of Women (Ginology) in North Syria, the Syrian Women’s Council, and representatives of academies and centers of Science of Women (Ginology)

The opening began with the cutting of the red tape, which was cut by the mother of the martyr Abu Jassim al-Bakari, who was martyred during his participation with the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in the Battle of Liberation of Raqqa

The first speech was made by the member of the Center for studies of Ginology, Siham Barkal. She congratulated the women of the New Year and mentioned the importance of opening the center to be a door for a productive women who will know all the matters concerned with this center

Siham Barkal said that women are marginalized in all societies but that we, through our center, will develop the capabilities of women to play their proper roles in the society

The spokeswoman of the Syrian Women’s Council, “Lina Barakat” said that scientifically, we will free women from social restrictions, and the heavy inheritance that has been on their shoulders for thousands of years

She concluded her words saying that the woman is the origin of life, society and nature. It is our duty to consolidate her true role through studies and experiences in this center, which is an important step in breaking the restrictions of an oppressed women

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