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The continuation of the project of beautification of Tabqa city

 The project of decorating Tabqa City has begun since the beginning of last month and is continuing under the supervision of the Culture and Art Committee in the Civil Council of Tabqa. Ali Al-Alaya, a member of the Joint Presidency of the Culture and Art Committee, stressed that this project will continue for several months with the introduction of new additions to the work process at each stage according to the requirements of the work process. The aim of this project is to add an aesthetic touch in the entire Tabqa City to some walls, school walls and various parts of the city to restore the spirit of modern life of this city and to define it as a tourist city because it has the largest population in the countryside of Raqqa.

The project is being attended by the Culture and Art Committee through painters who invest their creativity in creating an aesthetic touch between the city’s alleys and he municipality of the people in the city participates in this project through the rehabilitation of the roundabouts and sidewalks in the city in addition to drawing paintings beside the main roads written in words to maintain cleanliness and environment and HOPE Organization , which previously removed blackness from some of the city’s walls (removing landmarks of the ISIS ) and then it painted various paintings through volunteer painters. The Civil Democratic Administration of Tabqa is trying to reorganize and beautify the city in order to show the civilized and aesthetic aspect of this city.


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