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To media and public opinion

We are fighting heroic resistance along all frontlines
The Turkish state and its mercenaries attacks on Afrin continues, although this invasion has failed to achieve
any progress on the ground so farm but the Turkish media institutions claim that their invading army made a
progress of 8 km inside our lands, on the contrary on all frontlines there is heavy clashes between our forces
and the occupation army and its mercenaries.

In the early hours of today’s dawn 22.01.2018, our forces conducted sequenced operations against Turkish
army mercenaries locations, which led to the killing of at least 6 soldiers in one location along with the
injury of several others, but we couldn’t confirm these numbers. Those operations were proceeded with a
wide range air and land attack using fighter jets, reconnaissance planes combined with artilary shelling and
tank attacks in frontlines. Using the cover of the air strikes to penetrate our defences, heavy clashes emerged
and still continues in several points. Our forces blocked the invaders in Northern Afrin Canton and pushed
them back, other attempts to progress from Izaz axis on several villages including Dikmedash, Ain Daqna
and Minag which resulted in heavy clashes. In Belbele area following air strikes, the Turkish army tried to
progress and control its hill and our forcess stopped them and clashes continues. In Rajo area the civilians
were once again the targets of the Turkish aerial attacks, the mercenaries also tried to attack Khalil village
and the radio station hill in Shia area but our forces blocked them.

The clashes in general resulted in damaging 3 tanks and killing 40 soldiers of the Turkish army and its

Despite the sever aerial attacks of the invading army, it couldn’t advance on the ground, therefore , it aims to
falsify news to raise its mercenaries morales. Two of the villages they claim to be controlled by them are
under continued clashes. In all frontlines our forces including Syria Democratic Forces – SDF, people and
woman protection units – YPG/YPJ, Asayish forces, fundamental protection forces and self-protection forces
are engaged in heroic and historic battles against the invasion forces.

The invasion turkish army, at today’s afternoon had sniper and artillery shelling against 3 civilian points in
Ras Al-Ain city, our forces responded immediately against the firing points, these treacherous attacks
resulted in the martyrdom of 3 of our fighters and the injury of one other fighter, the records of our martyrs
will be announced later, along that 3 more civilians were injured due the shelling of Ras Al-Ain

We as SDF emphasis again on standing up to Turkish attacks regardless the price needed and we will not
yield to aggression.
Syria Democratic Forces – Media office
22 January 2018

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