HomedialogueSlama: My children I am proud of them even if they return martyrs I will be more proud

Slama: My children I am proud of them even if they return martyrs I will be more proud

Raqqa city, which contains myths, stories and sacrifices for fighters who have never feared death, stories, battles and sacrifices may not be able to honor the alphabet and describe them

Ali Ahmed al-Salama fighter from Raqqa joined the Syrian Democratic Forces he and his brother Hani since the first day of the campaign to liberate Raqqa, the non-death-fighting entered most of the battles in Raqqa.

Ahmed participated in all the battles against Daesh in Raqqa city. He told us how he stabbed one of the terrorists when he insulted his father, where he quarreled with him and then defended his father. He stabbed the terrorist with a knife and then escaped. He remained hidden until he managed to escape and join the Syrian Democratic Forces

Ahmed said: I fought in Raqqa and entered in most of the battles and my brother was martyred in front of my eyes during the battles we had to liberate Raqqa, and I was hit by shrapnel in my hands and chest and recovered and I promised to fight again and I will continue until the war is over in Syria. Deir al-Zour to participate in the island storm campaign, and if necessary ready to go to Afrin also.

Ahmed’s father added: “My children raise my head and I will be proud of them even if they return as martyrs. I will be proud of them. They will receive the rank of martyrdom and defend the soil of Syria.

Heroes who can not describe their descriptions of sacrifices and love for the homeland, fighters know that they can be martyred at any moment but how the lion to be afraid, the men of their hearts do not fear death as black are not afraid and trees are martyred and standing in dignity.

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