Homemanshet Statement to the Public Opinion

 Statement to the Public Opinion

Day by day the world receive scenes that reflect the fact of the Turkish army brutality and its allied jihadist factions, which also indicate to a systematic methods by the Turkish army and its terrorists of mutilation the corpses of our fighters and documentation of this crimes which is an infamy on this army and its terrorists.
Couple of days ago, the world was shocked by the scenes of Turkish army mutilation for one of our YPJ fighters and the brutal scenes of torturing the kidnapped civilians from their villages that have been invaded by the Turkish invasion army. Those monsters want to prove to the world that such brutal scenes were never individual mistakes as far as it expresses the Turkish military identity. Todays’s footages from Ezaz city which shows mutilating the corpse of one of our fighters prove the Turkish brutality.
Our fighter, Ahmad Muhammad, got martyred during his brave defence against the invaders in the Yezidi village of Qestel Jendo. Ahmad refused to withdraw or surrender to the invaders and he got martyred defending his people and land.
We are in Syria Democratic forces, though such mutilation scenes does not effect the morals of our fighters, we give these scenes to the media and public opinion to reveal the identity of those who claim to be rebels.
The silence of the world and humanitarian organizations for this crimes puts its incredibilty on the line, where Turkey and its Jihadist factions violate the human values.
General Command of Syria Democratic Forces


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