HomemanshetThe outcome of the combat operations for the last 24 hours in Afrin

The outcome of the combat operations for the last 24 hours in Afrin

1-Raju: our forces completely destroyed a bulldozer for the Turkish invasion army and its Jihadist factions after an accurate observation for the movement of the bulldozer yesterday at 2:00 pm. While the invaders randomly shelled Chele village using heavy weapons yesterday at 4:00 pm. Also, the Turkish jets bombed Qodah village at 10:45 am this morning.
At 9:00 am today, fierce clashes broke out between our forces and the Turkish invasion army in the vicinity of Qodah village, in which the enemy suffered heavy causalities. Also, it was reported by our fighters that the clashes broke out at the same axis last night at 10 o’clock.
Additionally, the enemy helicopters overflew Qodah village and fired it indiscriminately.
2-Shiyah: heavy clashes broke out in the vicinity of Haj Bilal village between our forces and the Turkish invasion army and its Jihadist factions last night, where our fighters confirmed the killing of 25 terrorists and many wounded.
The Turkish warplanes carried out heavy strikes at the villages of Shkefteh and Tormisha yesterday at 4 pm. It was proved later that these airstrikes caused a massacre against a family in Shkefteh village, where the corpses were removed under the rubble during the night when airstrikes subsided. The Turkish jets cariied out several raids on the vicinity of the same villages.
While our forced targeted a hostile vehicle by homing rocket in the vicinity Haj Bilal village.
3-Jinderes: Aqjalah village was exposed to several Turkish raids yesterday at 4 pm, coincided with random artillery shelling the vicinity Kani Korka village, also the vicinity of Bayraqadar mount was shelled by a Turkish outpost adjacent to Hamam village.
-video footage of a Turkish tank was seen yesterday inside Atmeh camp for the displaced people shelling from there the villages of Deir Ballut, Aqjalah and Malla Khalil, where the Turkish army and its terrorists are using the displaced people as Human shields.
Haj Khalil village also witnessed a sever clashes between our forces and the invaders.
4-Sharra: the Yezidi villages, Baflun and Arab Weran, were exposed to an indiscriminate artillery shelling by the Jihadist factions. A Turkish helicopter was roaming over Umarah village at 1 pm this afternoon. Also, the Turkish army shelled a water pumping station in Matinah village. The water station provides the village with fresh water.
5-Belbeleh: the Turkish jets conducted several raids on Qastal Khadriyah village at 1 am this morning.
Also, the Turkish invasion army and its Jihadist factions engaged with our forces in Qastal Khadriyah village at 9 am this morning. The clashes lasted until preparing this report. It is worth noting that heavy clashes broke out last night at 10:300 pm.

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