HomemanshetThe outcome of the military operations in the last 24 hours in Afrin (7-Feb-2018)

The outcome of the military operations in the last 24 hours in Afrin (7-Feb-2018)

Maydanki: the artillery of the Turkish invasion army shelled Maydanki village yesterday at 3:00 pm, where 4 shells landed on an elementary school and civilian’s houses. (documented by pictures)
Today at 1:00 pm, the Turkish invasion army and Jihadist factions targeted water refinement and pumping station which provides Afrin with fresh water. The shelling caused heavy damages to the station. The maintenance team are fixing the station amongst random shelling by the invaders.
2-Jinderes: our forces observed the movement of a military vehicle in the vicinity of Hamam village yesterday at 3:30 pm, accordingly they targeted the vehicle and completely destroyed it. Also, the villages which are located on the combats line were exposed to random shelling by the Turkish invasion army at 10:00 am in this morning, as well as the Turkish army and the jihadist factions revealed his brutality by bombing the tomb of Shahid Saido in Qazeqli mount, where the Turkish hatred does not stop against our people, but it exceeds to target everything related to our people’s sanctities and conscience.
In the afternoon hours, our forces observed a counter movement by the enemy along Hamam village, and then targeted these movements causing direct casualties.
3- Rajo: since yesterday till the early hours of this morning, Rajo villages were a target of indiscriminate artillery shelling by the invaders, where more than 30 shells landed yesterday on Museka village and Rajo entrance, causing heavy damages to civilian houses. (documented by pictures).
In Bablika village, the Turkish army and the Jihadist faction tried to advance twice towards the village. Our forces repelled their two attempts and engaged with them. There were casualties within the ranks of the invaders.
4-Sherawa: the villages on the combats line were exposed to ma random shelling by the invaders at 10:00 am this morning. Also two shells landed between Basufan and Haydar village causing damages to the houses of the civilians.
5- Belbeleh: since publishing the footage of Turkish dead soldiers, the village of Shikurza exposed to a desperate attempt by the Turkish invasion army and the jihadists factions to regain the control over the village where there were direct clashes more than once between our fighters and terrorists Invasion army. The invaders suffered heavy losses and the clashes are ongoing till preparing this report.
It is worth mentioning that during the battles of yesterday, some of our fighters were suffocated. Twenty terrorists from the Jihadist factions were reported to have suffered the same symptoms. The enemy is likely to use missiles that are saturated with gases, we could not confirm what it is.
Spontaneous with the battles of Shikkazza, our forces carried out a counter attack against the points of the enemy on the hilltop Topala village and freed it from the control of terrorists. Death and wounded tolls were reported within the ranks of the terrorists.
Also our forces liberated Bakhja village this morning. Similarly, heavy clashes broke out between our forces and the invaders in Kurreh hill, accordingly 5 invaders killed at least and others wounded.
6- Kobani: Turkish army has carried out random shelling on Zur Megar village west of Kobani canton. The shelling lasted for hours.

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