HomemanshetA Response statement to Amnesty International’s accusations against Syria Democratic Forces (SDF)

A Response statement to Amnesty International’s accusations against Syria Democratic Forces (SDF)

In an Amnesty International report on 28 February 2018 entitled “Syria: the escalation of the attack on Afrin endangering the lives of hundreds of civilians”, Syria Democratic Forces were accused of bombing the civilian areas in the Syrian town of Azaz.
We in SDF confirm that what was writing in the report is untrue and we have not and will never target the civilians. Amnesty International’s report is based on the testimony of a media activist who speculates that the source of the rockets was from Afrin, and he uses the language of generalization and presumption, which is unacceptable as evidence at all.
“Bombing Azaz started by the Kurds …. I saw the worst attacks. A car was damaged by a rocket launched by PKK,” the report said. Another testimony by a pharmacist is not sure what he said.
Said, who works in a psychiatric hospital, said ” I believe that the Kurdish military forces were responsible for the attacks on the hospital…….”
Moreover, Syria Democratic Forces have confirmed earlier in several official statements that they do not target the civilians in any way.
” The Turkish state lives in a real hysteric saturation because it did not achieve any military progress in its brutal invasion on Afrin as a result of the fierce resistance of our forces and the steadfastness of our great people,” said Redur Khalil, the head of SDF external relations office in an official statement on 25 January 2018. Redur added, “Therefore, the Turkish state resort to dirty acts which are contrary to all human values, international norms and laws of the war, by committing war crimes against unarmed civilians in Afrin using airstrikes and heavy artillery. Turkey’s goal of these war crimes is to terrify the civilians and for them to displacement. Also, the Turkish state shells the civilians in the Turkish city of Kilis, adjacent to Afrin through its intelligence services surreptitiously to confuse the public opinion that SDF is bombing and targeting civilians and take these criminal acts as a pretext to invade Afrin city, especially the majority of the targets in Kilis are mainly displaced Syrians. Hence, the public opinion should know all of these dirty acts by the Turkish state which knows very well that SDF did not and will never target the civilians whatever happens. The Turkish army is also recruiting the Syrian refugees in Turkey to serve as mercenary soldiers in the Turkish army which contradicts the international laws and is considered a punishable crime by the international and human laws”.
The facts which were shown by the Turkish offensive on Afrin region, expose the fragility of the international law reality. According to the established laws for interior system related to the humanitarian affairs, the humanitarian organization supposed to be neutral and non-political, as well as carrying out only humanitarian actions, away from political alignment and international interests. However, the facts prove that the political alignment of the humanitarian organization work makes these organizations paralyzed and ineffective because they are linked to some States and thus loss their strength and acceptance by the other sides. Therefore, Amnesty International should have monitored the work of the Turkish government in Syrian territory and the purpose of their presence there, regarding the application of international conventions and Amnesty should depend on objective, proved and legal materials, close to neutrality and humanity, not on the basis of guesswork, assumptions and generalizations. Moreover, Amnesty should not depend on witnesses who put forth the Turkish offensive and belongs to the terrorist groups.
We are in the legal office of Syria Democratic Forces, do assure for Amnesty international and all Human Rights organizations that it is unfair to put the aggressor and the victim in one balance, as well as the mercenaries and defenders of their honor and dignity in one balance. Also, we confirm that YPG, YPJ AND SDF have announced to the world that they are with peace and coexistence of people and do not favor wars, but Turkey and the terrorist groups insisted on the act of aggression and are committing crimes against civilians, who declared war without legal justification, so it is of our right to defend our people and land against any attacks and we always do confirm that our forces did not and will never target the civilians and attacking the civilians are of the Turkish army deeds, as Turkey is making the terrorism. It is easy for a large military force such as the Turkish force, which kills dozens of civilians in Afrin every day, to kill four people in Azzaz, Kalis or Rihaniyah and accuse our units, in order to disrupt world public opinion.
The Legal Office of Syria Democratic Forces
3/March/2018 / Raqqa – Syria

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