HomedialogueFrom farmer to fighter and then to the rank of Shahid

From farmer to fighter and then to the rank of Shahid

Shahid Ali al-Ali from Raqqa city, who joined the Syria Democratic Forces in the middle of the seventh month of last year, that once was among the olive trees and orchards, on the banks of the Euphrates River planted in its green land, a simple farmer until the Syrian regime took him in early 2017 He was forcibly recruited, but he broke away from the regime and joined the Syrian democratic forces in order to liberate Raqqa from the organization of Daesh terrorist and then be Shahid in Nazlat Shehadeh in Al-Tayyar neighborhood in Raqqa city by a landmine explosion during the incursion.

His mother, Zahra al-Jassem, told us that her son never hid from the organization of Daesh, and he was always hostile to them.

“My son Ali always dreamed of a democratic Syria in a country where the brotherhood of peoples and love prevailed, Ali was a simple farmer, but the tenderness made us all carry arms and defend Raqqa and whole Syria.

“I am not sad because I have a Shahid. He is martyred for a cause and purpose for Raqqa  and his  people, for all Syria, and in order to achieve his dream of a democratic, loving and friendly Syria, where freedom and brotherhood of peoples seek the SDF and put it on the ground


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