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Graduation of the first course of the Special Forces “HAT” in Tabqa city

The Academy of Shahid Argine graduated today in Tabqa city the first session of the anti-terrorist forces HAT “” in the municipal stadium in the city.

The graduation ceremony was attended by hundreds of Tabqa people as well as a number of members of the civil and military administration in the city and popular events from AL-Jazeera.

It took the name of (revenge for the martyrs) of the special forces and lasted for six months and included 90 fighters.

Mazloum Omar, member of the Joint Presidency of the Interior Committee of Tabqa Civil Council, spoke about the role of the HAT forces in liberating the civilian Tabqa and the qualitative operations carried out by these forces in liberating the city of Tabqa.

He said: You heroes, we will remain steadfast because you have made yourselves for the liberation of all the areas that were controlled by Daesh in the north of Syria.

The trainees then conducted several military and combat reviews, including training in fighting, chasing and attacking.

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