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Loyalty tent for Afrin in Raqqa city center

The youth of the Syria Democratic Council organized a sit-in in front of the clock roundabout in the city of Raqqa, erected a symbolic tent and began a campaign to collect signatures and reject the Turkish invasion of Afrin and to condemn the killing of children and women in this city.

Rukan Hasaka spoke about this event on behalf of Syria Democratic Youth Council “: We started the sit-in here for our brothers in Afrin. This sit-in will continue for three days and we will also collect the signatures of the citizens who oppose the Turkish aggression,”

 “We send a message to our brothers in Afrin and tell them that you are not alone. We are with them a heart and a mold. This brutal aggression will not stand in the face of its will. This fighting people will remain until the last moment we fight for the freedom and will of our people”

We have opened this tent to solidarity with our brothers in Afrin. We condemn and condemn this barbaric aggression against Afrin and demand that human rights organizations fulfill their responsibility to protect civilians, especially children,” said Malik al-Abdullah, a member of Raqqa Youth Council.

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