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Preparation for the football league in Tabqa city

After the work of the Education Committee in Tabqa city and its countryside rehabilitation and reconstruction of schools, and many events, including the establishment of exhibitions of painting and works of art is now preparing for a football league in Tabqa city.

Mohamed Faris, member of the Education Committee and  manager of the Al-Sanobari School , talked about this event:” The Education Committee, in collaboration with the school principals, prepared for the football league in Tabqa. Of all the 14 schools in the city, only nine are participating (Al-Sanobari, Fayez Mansour, , AL-Thaoura, Qadisiyah and others)..

Al-Fares confirmed that the league will be held only for fifth and sixth graders.

There are other artistic and musical activities sponsored by the Committee of Culture and Art in cooperation with the Education Committee. An art exhibition will be held for all art and handwork for all students. Participants will receive rewards in order to motivate them constantly and eliminate the obsession of fear and ignorance. Who were subjected to him during the reign of Daesh.

Also these events are no less important than the educational process, it is an outlet for students to express their talents and take out these talents to take care of and develop them.

The preparations began with a friendly match between Al-Sanobri School and the 16 October School team, which was won by the Al-Sanobri School team.

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