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Reconstruction and restoration of the cultural center in Tabqa city

The cultural center in Tabqa city represents social values, historical, religious and artistic. This is what prompted the Democratic Civil Administration in Tabqa to rehabilitate it because it was destroyed due to the battles in the city.

Samar Hussein Al Hassan, a member of the Joint Presidency for Culture and Art in Tabqa said in a meeting with: Most of the theaters in the cultural center is destroyed and need great effort to rebuild, according to the plans we have chosen we will choose less destructive theaters to rebuild again, Which will include several sections, including public relations, archives, and all the fine arts of drawing, music, singing and theaters.

For her part, Samar Hassan pointed out that the center was subjected to theft and burning, stressing that they are currently working to secure and equip what the Center needs in all respects and to secure the labor force.

Ahmed al-Ali, the work supervisor, said: Today, 17/3/2018 was the first day of work for us, we cleaned and removed the rubble and debris from the cultural center, and there are currently 30 workers working 8 hours a day in an attempt to reopen the cultural center in a short time to allow People visit and attend theater performances and book exhibitions to be held there.

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