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Traffic regulation in the crowded streets of Tabqa city

You see them in all the crowded public streets watching traffic and organize them and their first and last aim is the safety of citizens and follow-up traffic violations.

The Traffic Department started its work in Tabqa city  after the liberation of the city from terrorist mercenaries, and the administration is activating the role of traffic in the city, which is densely populated and displaced from war-torn areas.

Talal Al-Obaid, Director of Traffic Department in Tabqa Branch, said that the traffic department controls the traffic in the city by registering traffic violations and traffic accidents, where 450 violations and traffic accidents were seized last month.

Al-Obeid pointed out that the problem of congestion is one of the most important problems experienced by the Traffic Department, especially between 9 am and 2 pm, and we did traffic points at busy intersections and at the entrances of the city.

 Sanaa Jabara, a member of the Traffic Department in Tabqa, said that women participate in regulating the traffic in the city. Their role is not different from that of men, and they participated in organizing traffic, removing waste and carrying out office work. At first they encountered some difficulties in terms of non-acceptance of society and their surprise for their work. The development of a democratic society.

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