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Women’s Academy in Tabqa opens the second session in the name of Martyr Heboun Arab

The Academy of Women in Tabqa opened today the second session of the Academy of Women in the city, and the name of the course of Martyr Heboun Arab and duration of the session 25 days.

The course included 18 trainees from Tabqa who are women working in civil society institutions in the city and the countryside.

This course includes political, intellectual, cultural and awareness lessons that help women to strengthen their thinking and awareness of the events taking place around them and to identify the reality of their effective role in building a unified democratic moral society.

Such courses focus on strengthening women’s thinking in a democratic society, where women’s attention is drawn to the need to change their mind towards the best possible actions that contribute to the advancement of society without neglecting their basic duties in the family. The misconception of some women about the freedom of women and the attempt to marginalize the role of men, because the democratic society is based on integration and cohesion among all its components without canceling the role of any party.

For which it was necessary for women to join such courses to raise their awareness of resistance, building and development in a democratic society.

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