HomedialogueA consultative session between the sheikhs and elders of the clans coordinated by the Public Relations Office

A consultative session between the sheikhs and elders of the clans coordinated by the Public Relations Office

At the invitation of the Sheikan(AL-Haydarat) clan, in coordination with the Public Relations Office, the sheikhs and elders of Raqqa and Tabaqah clans were invited to a consultative session to get more acquainted and develop their relations and discuss the social and security situations and discuss ways to solve problems in the process of building and stability.

Farhan Haj Issa welcomed the guests at the beginning of the meeting and talked about the importance of communication between clans sheikhs on all levels. He said that the issue of security and safety is one of the most important issues that must be stopped because it is the cornerstone for building a healthy society, and with the attempts of many regional and local, including the Syrian regime to destabilize security and security in our society and his attempts to knock the wedge among all the components in this region to sow discord and fight between them.

Haj Issa added that the issue of achieving the security and safety that aspires and seeks all components is the basis for strengthening the bonds of love between all.

Al-Issa noted that there are those who seek the mistakes that sometimes occur and try to put them in the playing field sectarian strife and trying to win to achieve the goals that aspire to them, Which combines the whole ingredients.

During the consultative session, Sheikh Fawaz al-Baik, Sheikh of Al-Sukhani clan, spoke with a word of thanks to the Shaykhan clan for this invitation and said: We thank all those who call for such meetings, which in turn strengthen relations between all components.

He stressed the importance of consultation among all the clans in the north of Syria and said: “We are a people who loves simplicity in living, we love all people and do not hold in our hearts one of the tastes, but those who try to disturb our lives will receive the right response to him with our sincerity with ourselves and our sincerity with each other We will fail all conspiracy projects on our society.

The consultative session ended with a luncheon hosted by the sheikhan clan in honor of the audience.

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