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Ain Issa Electricity Station returns to work again

Electricity is one of the most important daily requirements of the country and the main source of operation of water and pumping stations. After a three-year absence, Ain Issa Electricity Station returned to work after hard work and limited facilities. The repair period lasted 45 days.

Hussein al-Khamis, director of the electricity center in Ain Issa, stressed that electricity has covered all villages in the western and eastern countryside, and operating hours will continue according to the level of water in the Euphrates dam, although the Turkish state prevented us from our share of water coming from its territory through the Euphrates River only That the amount of rainfall recently played an important role in the rise in water level in the Euphrates Dam, which led to an increase in the number of hours of electricity.

He added that the next pumping stations (Al-Fatasah, Al-Hishah, Tal-ALSamin, Al-Kalta, Al-Hashim) and other pumps will be fed and the electricity will be handed over to French cement company Gureish to return to work again.

It is worth mentioning that the power station is a link to all villages and governorates in the north of Syria and feeds more than 400 villages in the north of Syria. In the next few days, the Beer al-Hashim pump will be operational to return drinking water to all villages and farms in north-east of Raqqa.

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