HomedialogueAn intellectual course in the Women’s House

An intellectual course in the Women’s House

The Women’s House in Hasakah continues to provide intellectual courses and correct misconceptions about freedom, especially women’s freedom

Creating a balance between men and women to take their right and help men to work in all walks of life.

Where the House gives women intellectual cycles periodically and organized and cultivate the idea of freedom and equality between men and women in society.

Samar Ghazi, a member of the training committee, said that the aim of the course is to raise awareness of women and correct the concept of freedom and to remove the restrictions and injustice suffered by women as a result of repression and the social habits that have been trampled on before. The program also includes an explanation of the history of women since ancient times, In society, and the idea of freedom and proper partnership because women’s freedom frees society.

Najah Al-Issa, one of the trainees, added that thanks to these courses and seminars we can develop our thought and mind and liberate society, not just women, and we do not want more than our right to build this society and freedom of women and stand by men in all fields even on the fronts of fighting, And modernity.

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