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Election a reconciliation Council in Shadadi District

A meeting was held between a delegation from the General Directorate of the reconciliation Committees and the local reconciliation committees in Shadadi and its affiliated villages. The meeting aims to elect a reconciliation council in Shaddadi and explain the new mechanism of action that was adopted after the division of AL-Jazeera region into two districts, AL-Hasakah district and Qamshlo district.

The meeting began with a minute of silence on shahid’s lives. A number of speeches were delivered, including: A speech on behalf of the General Directorate of a reconciliation Committees, delivered by Abla Khalil, who welcomed the audience and blessed the Shaddadi people to liberate their city from terrorism. She confirmed that in the year 2017,where received 9524 invitations and  8364 invitations solved ,were not transferred to the courts, which indicates the importance of a reconciliation Committees and their usefulness to society.

Abla Khalil added”The experience of a reconciliation Committees is a unique experience that has been implemented only in the north of Syria. As a result of the great success of this experience, we are now receiving delegates from around the world who have come to learn about this experience and transfer it to their countries.

Noor Addin Shaker member of Social Justice Council that the expansion of the geographical area that was liberated in the north of Syria is difficult to stay in one province so AL-Jazeera province was divided into two provinces and will be elected Council of reconciliation in Shaddadi of the people to be responsible for the work of a reconciliation  committees in the villages and towns of Shaddadi, We must emphasize that the reconciliation committees have the primary objective of reconciliation between the conflicting parties.

After that, the elections were held. Sixteen candidates were elected to a reconciliation Council, of which seven were elected and a spokesman and a spokesperson were elected on behalf of the Council.

It is worth mentioning that a reconciliation Council elected every two years and successful in the current elections are: Ahmad Abdullah, Subhi Al-Atrash, Hamed Darwish, Kifah Moheisen, Sheikha Basri, Samira Al-Nasser, Adnan Hamada.

SDF, Media center

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