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Electricity institution in Shadadi

Electric power is one of the main components of the region, as it is the main nerve of northern Syria, and the Electricity Corporation in Al-Shaddadi seeks to provide electricity to the area and its environs in a regulatory manner, as converted from Tishreen dam and Mabrouka station.

Where electricity workers today began work diligently to illuminate the main street completely, by extending electrical cables along the street and the installation of large electric lamps according to the plan drawn by the Foundation.

The Chairman of the Technical Committee of the Energy Authority, Mohammed Al-Saeed, told us: The committee consists of 7 specialized workers and a crane car. We received the technical plan from the Electricity Corporation, which aims to enlighten Al-Shaddadi gradually and in full. After giving the Committee a financial block by the General Authority for Energy, Work directly from the main street of the area.

“There are sub-streets in the area that have not been affected by the departure of terrorism and we will maintain them completely”.

He thanked all the members of the Technical Committee of the Energy Authority in self-management for their contribution to the development of practical plans to feed electricity and electricity to the electricity and stressed the perseverance and work of progress and development.

The workers also thanked Syria’s democratic forces for providing them with pure lives so that civilians could live in safety and security in all regions.

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